Monday, 4 June 2012

Nigeria plane crash killed more than 150

More than 150 people died in a plane crash in the main city of Lagos Nigeria. A large number of rescue authorities and workers have been at the spot through the night. All of the passengers were reported dead none of them found alive. Plane crushed on to a busy area and there are causalities at ground too but the number of dead are not yet confirmed. It is believed that causalities at ground might be less in number as on Sunday many buildings were empty.

The airliner, managed by Lagos-based Company Dana Air, had flown in from the capital, Abuja, when it worn-out and burst into flames. It came down in north of the airport in Iju area. 

President Goodluck Jonathan said that he had ordered to investigate what actually happened to the plane which results into this disaster. According to a report on 11th of May a similar Dana Air plane detected a technical problem and had to make an emergency landing in Lagos, it might be the same plane. Like so many other African countries Nigera also lake the air safety measures, though they are making efforts for improvements but still there are so many things to keep a check upon.

The safety of Nigeria aviation is being questioned as this is the fourth crash in a decade which took lives of more than hundred people. There was a similar spate back in 2005.


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