Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Mohammad Ali a sign of pride for Black Men

All the way through black history, great black athletes have served as role models to American youngsters, in a way that may not have been feasible for others leaders.  And to be sure, some of these great heroes of games have turned out

to be virtually godlike to all sports fans, not only those in the black population.  The career of Great Mohammed Ali sent such an influential significance of black pride to black and white America that he almost transformed social perception of the black man through pure ability and attitude.

Before Mohammed Ali came along, the thought of a black boxer, even an excellent black boxer becoming such a essential figure for black delight seemed improbable.  But Ali established something to the youth of the African American population that was so encouraging that it helped to renovate their world vision like no other public figure could have made. 

With his strut and braggadocio, Ali stood out as a conceited black man in such a way that had never been seen before.  His use of verse with such phrases as “I float like a butterfly and sting like a bee” to his self endorsement maintaining “I’m pretty”, that delivered a meaning to black and white devotee alike.  And that message was shrill and obvious.  Ali was proud to be black and other black men and women in America have just as much reason to be proud as he was.

This was a significant message as coming out of years of domination, it was sometimes hard for black youth to get a sense of conceit and the self assurance required to get out there and be a triumph.  It took the effort of great black role models such as Mohammed Ali to let them recognize that it is permissible for you to be proud and to be great as well.  When Ali told that he was “pretty”, he explained that the way he fought really was an object of beauty. Mohammed Ali was certainly embodiment of great black man who was also in every way winner.  And we all respect that in spite of race, color or creed.


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