Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Australian police have seized drugs worth over half a billion dollars

Four Hong Kong nationals and three Australian residents were detained as a result of raids in Sydney on Monday by Australian authorities.

 Drugs seized include 306kg of crystal methamphetamine commonly called as “ice” and 252kg of heroin. The total of the drugs become almost half of the ton, the drugs are estimated to be worth A$55m which in US dollars turn out to be US$526m and £335m in Britian. Police told that the haul is the leading seizure of crystal methamphetamine and third largest seizure of heroin.

Andrew Colvin, Deputy Commissioner told media that this operation would affect countless lives and the investigations would continue and more operations could take place. He said that these raids and operations took place after year long investigations.

Police officials stated that the investigations into the group began in August 2011 after a tip-off from the US Drug Enforcement Administration. The drugs were found in a shipment of terracotta pots on 19 July. The people found suspect will face charges for importing and possessing drugs in a Sydney court.


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