Thursday, 15 December 2011

Recovery from rhinoplasty

Recovery from rhinoplasty can be frightening and complicated. Many people wonder what would happen during the recovery period and
how long should they wait. Getting recovered after rhinoplasty requires extreme patience. When it comes to pain, the average patient suffers from moderate to severe pain and experience discomfort from about 2-10 days after surgery. It is possible to have 1-6 weeks of swelling in case if the surgery gets done completely, but it may take up to 6 months if the surgery requires the opening of passageways of the nose.

During first 24 hours after surgery, patients are asked to stay in bed keeping their head at high position. After two or three days of surgery, bruising and swelling might be at its peak. During the few days after surgery the patient continues to bleed, and he/she is asked to refrain from blowing his/her nose in the first week. Two or three weeks after the operation, the intensity of bruising and swelling reduced.

Most patients are able to get back to their work after a week or so, if all instructions are followed strictly after post-operation. Sports and heavy lifting should be avoided for two weeks in addition to any action. The reason is, strenuous activities increase the probability of the damage done to the nose before the actual wound got healed, and can lead to rinoplastian necessary.

Different rhinoplasty patients have different post-operative requirements. To optimize your chances of quick recovery from rhinoplasty surgery, always stick to the instructions given to you by your physician.


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