Thursday, 23 February 2012

Iraq attacks killed more than 30 in Baquba and Baghdad

Baghdad bombing and terrorism killed more than 30 people and left dozens of injured. According to officials the main target behind these bombing attacks was to kill police officers and other security officials.
The blast in Karrada district which is Shiah populated area killed 9 people at the spot. The bomb was planted near a police check post. The blast also damaged nearby buildings and shops. On Thursday a car bomb attack was reported in Kadhimiya in north Baghdad, which lives of six people and the area is also Shiah populated.

The attacks threatened entire Baghdad.  Baquba, Capital of Diyala, north Bangal killed two people. Explosion in al- Mansour left two dead and five injured. In Saidiya, A gunman using deadly weapon killed two people, nine were injured in this attack and most of them were police officers. Attack in Dorat Abu sheer caused ten injured and two dead, Al-Madaen blasts injured 7 policemen while blast in Taji injure five civilians.

In last week a suicide bomber caused death to 18 people near Police academy. Attacks in Shiah dominated areas have been increased after the government of Shiah Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki took stand against Sunni Iraqiya Political bloc.

No group has taken the responsibility of the violence. Rate of such terrorist activities has increased since US troops left Iraq in December. There are fears the death toll from Thursday's violence could rise.


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