Thursday, 19 January 2012

Facebook introducing 60 new apps

Facebook is adding up a sequence of new apps allowing users to share stuff as photos, travel or fashion
in more efficient and entertaining way.

In order to make facebook more entertaining for people the authorities have launched more than 60 new applications which users can put on their profiles, called as their Timeline.

Though facebook users are still sharing their fotos, videos, music they are enjoying and articles they are reading but the social network firm launches a number of new applications to give it a more entertaining and making user to spend more time on the network.

Facebook is naming it as “frictionless sharing”, means once users join the apps they will automatically share their stuff through facebook.

According to estimation facebook is getting $100bn initial public offers, and is looking for new tips and tricks to make user to spend to more time on the website which leads the company towadrs more advertising. The social media site encouraging developers to create more applications. The latest applications include Foodspoting, movie review site Rotten Tomatoes and Ticketmaster.

Facebook director of platform products, Carl Sjogreen hopes to get thousands of applications be built on the facebook platform in coming months. Appreciating one of the new apps of facebook, Timeline the authorities say this application can turns personal profiles to virtual scrapbooks. And most importantly there will be security settings available for users to restrict and limit who will be able to track and follow their activities on the social network site.


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