Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Iran hangs 'Israel spy' Majid Jamali

Iran's state media reports, the man found guilty for killing an Iranian nuclear scientist in Tehran some two years ago has been hanged. 24 years old Majid Jamali Fashi was sentenced for killing Massoud Ali Mohammadi a Professor scientist. Majid detonated a bomb outside Professor’s house back in 2010.

Majid was also charged for having connections with Israeli intelligence agency, he is also convicted of being a spy and getting £72,000 for killing the professor. However no official comment or statement has come into light on such claims. Iran’s Irna news agency reported that Majid Jamali Fashi 24, Israeli intelligence agency Mossad spy and the man who brutally killed Iranian nation’s asset Massoud Ali Muhammadi by detonating a bomb was hanged to death on Tuesday morning.

Mr. Massoud Ali was a senior professor of particle physics at Tehran University. He is one of several high-profile nuclear scientists and professors to have been killed in Tehran in recent years. Iran has persistently blamed Israel and the US of trying to damage its nuclear programme.The two countries consider Iran is trying to get hold of the technology to build nuclear weapons - something Tehran denies.

The country says it is increasing its uranium enhancement program for nonviolent purposes. Fashi, who was tried and convicted in August 2011, appeared on Iranian TV in January admitting to the professor's killing, and giving details of the intelligence gathering process he said he was drawn in. Opposition sources in Iran have accused the government of killing Professor Mohammadi because Majid Jamali Fashi was one of their supporters.


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