Friday, 4 May 2012

Jason Statham: Billion dollar man

In only over the decade, actor Jason Statham has turned into a billion dollars box office icon. But wait, how do this a kind of road investor go from selling illegal hacking community perfume along with necklaces to be able to stand opposite to Brad Pitt, Bruce Willis and Sylvester Stallone.

After debuting in Guy Ritchie's late 90s East End Gangster hit, Lock Stock and two smoking Barrels, Statham features designed his own specialized niche within the actions genre, appearing throughout Box office hits like The Expendables and snatch, as well as being the key person in films such as Death race, The Transporter series and Crank.

These movies have got more than a billion US dollars in movies alone, generating Statham probably the most bankable megastars in the world: regardless of whether several authorities make a complaint that he only performs one particular role.

Safe is Statham's newest video that premiered in London this week. He plays a good ex-cop within Nyc, who is preserved from committing suicide with a possibility meeting a young Chinese woman.

The child is really a mathematical wizard, and he must in turn preserve her from both Russian gangsters and Chinese underworld, putting upwards an impressive pile of bodies in route.

The Guardian points out that it is "Safe by name, safe by nature", and full of "the customary charmingly undecided pleasures: car chases, kidnapped teenager girls, martial arts dust-ups, tersely-written, often ill-delivered conversation, all cut together at immediate speed to a booming soundtrack".

However, while questioned on his box place of work accomplishment, Statham attributes the idea that he is good at, and also staying with that.


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